Pet Picture Gallery

Do you have a great picture of your pet? We would love to have it on our website. Please email it to us at [email protected] . Your pet can be a star on this website for everyone to see!

This is Bogey WyattsLittleWarrior Young at 10 weeks. It's one of his many puppy power naps!

Many of you might remember Ameenah--she was kinda a house cat here. We found her a new home and she now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is loving the warm weather there. She loves to explore her new yard.

She even got scared by the dog and fell into the pool. Don’t worry, she was okay--she jumped out of there so quick, it was like she walked on water! She is being spoiled and that’s the way it should be. She was a great cat to have at the clinic and she enjoyed everyone who came in to pet her. Now she is living the good life with great new masters (servants? LOL) to tend to all her needs. We are so glad she found the perfect home. We don't normally have a house cat, but this was a special circumstance. Here is a picture of her while living at the clinic, with a hoodie on. Trust me, she liked it :)

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