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A Lot of Cat to Love

Hello, and thanks for checking out our second ever blog post here at Parkway Animal Clinic.  Surprisingly, there has not been an overwhelming outpouring of demand for more pictures of geese.  Instead, meet Zina, a beautiful six year old calico cat who recently charmed the entire office when her owner brought her in for an exam and vaccine visit.


Zina has a face that looks, as her owner puts it, as if Picasso might have painted it.  But that was only a small part of why we fell in love with her.  Many cats, even those that are completely outgoing and affectionate at home, are understandably timid or antisocial when they come to see us, and we don't take it personally in the least.  But we do really appreciate a cat like Zina, who purrs and rubs up against us and gives us head butts and lots of love!

Zina's owner was concerned with Zina's weight gain and wanted to discuss practical strategies for reducing her weight.  This is probably the most common health problem we see in pets, and it's estimated that nationwide almost half of all pets are overweight.  Just as in people, being overweight contributes to serious health issues for our pets and also can reduce their quality of life.  Dr. Sutton discussed ways to help Zina lose some weight, including trying a new food developed by Hill's called Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution.  Instead of just adding fiber or carbohydrates in an attempt to "fill up" the pet, this food has been developed to work with the metabolism of the pet and actually change it to be more like the metabolism of lean pets. 

Zina is one of the first pets we have tried on this diet, and we and Zina's owner are eager to see what the results will be.  Early feedback from Zina's owner is that Zina is eating the food quite well, but still doing some begging (and with such an adorable face, we can only imagine she is no slouch at this!)  This is quite common as a pet adjusts its routine (What??  Food is no longer available 24/7???) and its metabolism changes in response to the food.  Also (and stop me if this sounds familiar to anyone who's ever dieted themselves) pets sometimes eat, or beg for more to eat, out of habit or because they're bored or because that's how they're used to getting attention, not truly because they're still hungry.  Luckily for Zina, her owner is committed to her health and her weight loss program.

How about your pets?  Noticing any any extra pudge?  This is something Dr. Sutton is always glad to discuss during your appointment.  The new Hill's Metabolic diet line, which is available for both cats and dogs, and comes in dry, canned, and even treats, gives us another option for  dealing with this challenge.  Let us know if you have any questions!

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